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Various name for tungsten carbide products


Each country has a different name for the same products because of their different habit, the most popular tungsten carbide name is as following:
1.Tungsten carbide rods( cemented carbide rods).
2.tungsten carbide strips and plates.
3.tungsten carbide mining bits, inserts, strips, buttons
4.tungsten carbide saw tips
5.tungsten carbide brazed tips
6.tungsten carbide milling inserts, milling tips.
7.cemented carbide balls
8.cemented carbide wear resistant parts, tool parts.
9.cemented carbide powder
10.tungsten rings
11.tungsten carbide drawing dies
12.tungsten carbide roll rings
13.tungsten carbide forging dies and bushes
14.tungsten carbide cutting wheels and blades

15.special tungsten carbide parts

in application, tungsten carbide can be wood working ,stone working, metal working. It can cutting,  drilling,  milling, tuning, and so on.