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2017 Carbide Raw Materials Market Review


In 2017, the prices of cemented carbide raw materials continue to rise. According to our statistics of China Cemented Carbide Business Network, the main raw material of tungsten carbide powder has risen from about 180 yuan / kg at the beginning of the year to about 269 yuan / kg by the end of the year, and the price soared by more than 50% throughout the year. The same tungsten powder from the beginning of 2017 about 181 yuan / kg all the way up, the highest in early September even rose to nearly 300 yuan/kg, after a slight decline, but now there are still near the end of 274 yuan / kg, all Annual increase of more than 50%. The price of recycled tungsten carbide powder from the beginning of about 158 yuan / kg has risen to the end of 208 yuan / kg, or nearly 35%.

                                        2017 tungsten powder price trend

As for the price of cobalt powder, another main raw material for cemented carbide, it can even be described as "insanity". Cobalt prices soared due to overseas prices and the strong domestic demand for ternary batteries, especially for new energy vehicles. As a result, the price of cobalt powder also rose sharply. The price of cobalt powder has increased from 300 Yuan / kg has risen to 650 yuan / kg by the end of the year, the annual increase actually exceeded 110%, it is shoc-ked.

                                             2017 ultra-fine cobalt powder price trend

Carbide raw material prices soaring, leading to our carbide product manufacturing costs rose sharply, while the annual carbide product prices rose little, we are generally faced with the production of carbide manufacturers but also reduce profits or even profit The embarrassing situation. Cemented carbide manufacturers have been unable to bear the cost of rising raw materials soaring, near the end of many carbide manufacturers were forced to only increase the price of the product.