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TCT milling cutters and Scarfier

TCT milling cutters and Scarfier

Application of the scarifier cutters

For removing trafic line and coatings

For sidewalk repairing
For floor preparation or cleaning
For creasting nonslip surfaces
For leaving a rough texture on concrete or asphalt surfaces
For cleaning texture or roughen concrete or asphalt surfaces
TCT milling cutters and Scarfier

Sizes of nortching cutters

Code Picture Tip Dimensions (MM) TCT size (mm)
OD ID Thickness
BT1005   5 42 15 6 4*8.5
BT1006   6 47 15.5 6 4*8.5
BT1008B   8 60 20 6 4*8.5
BT1008C 68 26 6 4*8.5
BT1008D   8 80 30 8 4*8.5
BT1008E 83 30 8 4*8.5
BT1012A   12 80 26 8 4*8.5
BT1013B 80 30 8 4*8.5

Customized sizes per drawing is also available.


TCT Milling Cutters-Nortching Cutters

The nortching cutter is wildly using in construction site of municipal construction,road rebuild, airfied, runway build, concrete pavment, grooving and cutting the pitch crack. Experially suitable for asphalt and concrete pavmet.
It can easily mend the irregular crack into uniform groove by six blades then form new faying surface.
ZZbetter‘s nortching cutter is made with high strength cemented carbide inserts.Their service life are over 20,000 meters.

Sizes of nortching cutters

Code Size of Body Photo
  BT1115-22 OD40*ID15*T22  
  BT1115-22 OD80*ID30*T19
  BT1125-22 OD125*ID25*T22.5  
  BT1122-22 OD125*ID22*T22.5
  BT1125-10 OD125*ID25*T10  
  BT1122-10 OD125*ID*22*T10
Customized sizes per drawing is also available.